How to make money on your Youtube blog?

Many have noticed that recently the number of video bloggers on Youtube is growing exponentially. Moreover, more and more this is done by real professionals who came to Youtube from television. For example, for more than three years now, Denis Seminikhin has been running his blog on Youtube, who has been running various programs in Russia for more than ten years. Do you think this is just a hobby that does not bring profit? You are wrong! You can make good money on the video blog if you watch it. As many have seen, often at the beginning of the video on some channels there is a commercial. Also, a banner ad may appear in the video itself. It is advertisers who pay video to bloggers for advertising their products and pay quite well. For example, for every million views on the channel you can earn about 1000 euros only from Google. But most of all video bloggers earn on direct orders from advertisers, who can pay them more than 2,000 euros for just mentioning them in the video on the channel.

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There are more and more bloggers on Youtube video hosting who are gradually replacing television. Of course, all this is not just, and successful bloggers make good money on advertising. In this regard, many people have a question: how to become a successful blogger on Youtube?

First you need to determine the theme of your channel. Answer the question: what can I tell the audience about, and will it be interesting to the audience? These two questions are the most important because they ask the vector of your development as a Youtube blogger. Do not tackle the topic in which you are poorly versed, this will only bring a negative reaction. All the rest are technical nuances, such as the design of the channel, the original name of the channel, its description, and, finally, the shooting and editing of the video itself.


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